Week 8 AAA Time to be hosted by Totara

Here are the songs to practice for the last AAA Time for 2012!

Christmas Time - By Bryan Adams

We waited all through the year, for the day to appear

When we could be together in harmony.

You know the time will come, peace on earth for everyone

and we can live forever in a world where we are free, let it shine for you and me.


There's something about Christmas time, something about Christmas time

that makes you wish it was Christmas everyday.

To see the joy in the children's eyes, the way that the old folks smile

says that Christmas will never go away.

We're all as one tonight, makes no difference if you're black or white

Cause we can sing together in harmony.

I know it's not too late, the world would be a better place

if we can keep the spirit, more than one day in the year, send a message loud and clear.


There's something about Christmas time, something about Christmas time

that makes you wish it was Christmas everyday.

To see the joy in the children's eyes, the way that the old folks smile

says that Christmas will never go away.

It's the time of year when everyone's together

We'll celebrate here on Christmas day

When the ones you love are there, you can feel the magic in the air - you know it's everywhere!

Something about Christmas time (pause)

Something about Christmas time (pause)


There's something about Christmas time, something about Christmas time

that makes you wish it was Christmas everyday.

To see the joy in the children's eyes, the way that the old folks smile

says that Christmas will never go away.

Repeat chorus

Please tell me Christmas will never go away.

Term 4 - Tuesday 20 November

Today's assembly was hosted by Manuka. Miss Tomkinson was ecstatic to see so many students offering to help with the presentation. Thanks, everyone!!!

Manuka shared their new blog. Loren showed us the title page and Tessa updated us on their connected learning topic, journeys. Ben showed us how to leave a comment on a post. You can check out their blog at

Well done to Z'Shalem, Aidan, Tom, Amber, Sophie and Georgia who were all awarded classroom certificates in recognition of their hard word. Well done!!!

Six Months in a Leaky Boat
When I was a young boy, I wanted to sail round the world,
That's the life for me, living on the sea.
Spirit of a sailor, circumnavigates the globe,
The lust of a pioneer, will acknowledge no frontier.

I remember you by, thunder clap in the sky,
Lightning flash, tempers flare, round the Horn if you dare.
I just spent 6 months in a leaky boat,
Lucky just to keep afloat.

Aotearoa, rugged individual,
Glisten like a pearl, at the bottom of the world.
The tyranny of distance, didn't stop the cavalier,
So why should it stop me? I'll conquer and stay free.

Ah, c'mon all you lads, let's forget and forgive,
There's a world to explore, tales to tell back on shore.
I just spent 6 months in a leaky boat,
6 months in a leaky boat.

Ship-wrecked love can be cruel, don't be fooled by her kind
There's a wind in my sails will protect and prevail
I just spent six months in a leaky boat
Nothing to it leaky boat

Term 4 - Friday 26th October

Term 3- Friday 21 September
Manuka hosted the final AAA assembly for Term 3. They shared some of their calendar art and then some persuasive writing. Manuka had written letters to Mr Livingstone either for or against holding a pet day at school. How convenient that Mr L himself just happened to be in the hall at the time!
Hands on Learning, class and swimming certificates were given out. Congratulations to everybody who received one.
2012-09-21 15.00.54.jpg
Winners of Hands on Learning Certificates

2012-09-21 15.09.46.jpg
Classroom Certificate winners

2012-09-21 15.16.14.jpg
Chloe reads her letter against holding a pet day.

2012-09-21 15.18.58.jpg
Josh proudly shows us the coathanger he made as part of his homework.

2012-09-21 15.20.13.jpg
Alisha is nature smart. She tells us all about caring for her dog.

Term 3 - Friday 24th August

We had our first AAA assembly in our new hall today. Harakeke were the hosts. They shared their art topic where they are learning about warm and cool colours. You can see more by visiting their art wiki page. They also shared some of the persuasive writing features they have been learning about in writing. Well done to all of the Hands on Learning Winners, Maddy was the lucky lunch draw winner today and to those people who got classroom certificates. Miss Taylor shared some exciting information...HARAKEKE are the winners of the latest HTJ challenge!
Term 3 - Wednesday 1st August
We had our first AAA Time for Term 3 today. Totara were the hosts and ran a great assembly. They shared their art topic and demonstrated how to make some zentangle patterns. You can see more by visiting their class Blog. Congratulations to the classroom award winners and the Hands on Learning winners. Well done to Tom for winning the lunch voucher in the key comp draw. Check out some photos from the assembly and the reward time.

Screen shot 2012-08-02 at 9.08.00 PM.png

Term 2
Totara hosted the last AAA Time for Term 3. It was a great assembly with lots going on. It was great to hear some writing being shared from Harakeke and Totara and Tessa and Penny did a great job interviewing Miss Pirani. Well done to this week's classroom award winners and to the 8 students who earned a Hands on Learning Certificate for demonstrating all the key competencies over the last 3 weeks. Liam and Alex did a good job operating the computer and sound system and the two groups who performed their dances were excellent. Well done Totara!

We also had the final of the HTJ Spelling Challenge. The first round was completed at the Pool in the morning during the swimming lessons. There were 16 finalists who competed in AAA Time. It soon came down to Josh J from Totara and Andrew, Ben H and Penny from Manuka. What a great final - and well done to Manuka for taking it out.


Left - A dance group perform from Totara.

Above - The girls perform their dance to 'Party Rock.'

Right - Chloe and Josh share their descriptions about Play-doh.

These fantastic Arrowsmith students all earned a Hands on Learning certifcate this week. Congratulations to Brayden who won the $5 lunch voucher.
Well done Zac, Kyran, Bradley, Brayden, Bobby, Penny, Chloe and Ben who recieved a classroom certificate this week.

Today Manuka hosted Arrowsmith's second AAA assembly. It was good to see the presenters putting their tips from Marcelle Bernard into practice and Shontayne did a great job organizing the visuals.
Congratulations to everyone who earned a Key Competency Award or a classroom certificate.

Harakeke hosted Arrowsmith's first AAA assembly today. It was great to celebrate the year five and six achievements, get our groove on to some great music and share some of our learning.
Congratulations to these people who earned a 'Hands on Learning' Award. They have demonstrated all five of the key competencies over the last week.

Well done to these people who were awarded a classroom certificate. They have impressed their teachers with great learning and behaviour!

Assembly Songs

In your class, make sure you have a go at all the parts. We will divide you up at assembly into 3 parts.

Aotearoa x 4

Part A – Continues with Aotearoa

Part B
New Zealand, our country,
New Zealand, our home,
From the forest to the sea,
It means so much to me,
New Zealand’s the place I want to be.

Chant - all
E tu tamariki ma o Aotearoa
E tama, E hine nga tamariki ma
New Zealand is cool man, New Zealand is choice!
New Zealand is the place to be for all the girls and boys!
E tu tamariki ma o Aotearoa
E tama, E hine nga tamariki ma

Part A – New Zealand is cool man…
Part B – Aotearoa

Part A
Te whenua te moro
He iwi atawhai
Nga maunga tu tonu
Te moana takato roa
Te whenua – Aotearoa

Part B – Aotearoa

All - Greetings
Tena koutou

Talofa lava, Namaste, Swasdee ka, Ni hao, Gidday
Annyong haseyo, Kalimera, Guten Tag, Shalom, Hola
Aloha, Tena koe, Bonjour, Malo e lelei,
Kia orana, Ni sa Bula, Buenos dias, Konnichi wa.

Part A – Aotearoa

Part B – Greetings

Part C – New Zealand…
New Zealand is mine
New Zealand is yours
From mountains way up high
To valleys far below,
New Zealand, the place I love to know.


Run to Paradise

He Honore
He honore, he koro ria
Maunga rongo ki te whenua
Whakaaro, pai e
Ki ngā tangata katoa
Ake ake, ake ake, amine
Te atua, te piri nga
Tōku oranga