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Year 5/6

Miss Sullivan

Year 5/6

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Year 5/6

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End of Term 1 Newsletter

Camp Feedback
Thank you to everyone who completed the survey at the end of term 1. Here are some of the results:

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What was your camp highlight?

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Rate the camp activities:

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Which camp did you enjoy more?
  • I liked Mt Hutt because everything was right there and we didn't have to walk everywhere
  • Mt Hutt because it had more activities
  • Mt Hutt Retreat was better because there were more activities. I like keeping busy.
  • SP because you got to try new activities like surfing or body boarding
  • SP camp was best because the activities were better than last years

What was your camp highlight?
  • Surfing because I think I got the wave of the day. It was a very good wave!!!
  • Spotlight because in one of the rounds I found skip.
  • Because it was my first time body boarding and it was easy.
  • Going to the New Brighton Pier because it was amazing looking at the sea.
  • It was fun I liked jumping down going up and down doing every one offs them
  • HTJ because I won the wall of pain for my class
  • Clip and Climb because I liked climbing up the walls and jumping down.
  • Because I have never been to clip n climb before so it was really fun
  • The New Brighton Pier was cool because I haven’t been on a pier before
  • I loved the sandpit and flying fox at the playground and the wheely thing.
  • HTJ because of the wall of pain and it was fun.
  • I liked BINGO because I got nearly all the numbers - I only needed one more to win.
  • Surfing because I stood up and turned to the end
  • Body boarding was fun to catch the waves
  • Clip and Climb was my camp highlight because it was my first time doing the leap of faith.
  • Clip and Climb because I liked the slide.
  • The beach was great because I love the water and it was fun surfing. If I practiced I reckon I would be pretty good!
  • Surfing because I was good at it, and standing on my board in big waves!!!!
  • Body boarding because I was going down the waves like a race car
  • Surfing because I can stand up on the surfboard
  • The beach day was great to see the progress made in such a short amount of time. It was a well organised day.

Other Comments
  • I want to stay back a year. Ha ha ha! It was fun!
  • It was awesome!
  • It was really fun and I recommend Clip and Climb again
  • I also liked spotlight
  • I wish we could go there next year!
  • Each camp was fun in a different way
  • It was awesome because of the beach and we went there.
  • Be good to mix both camps together with more activities at Spencer Park. eg: Archery, abseiling, kayaking along with surfing, body boarding and more.
  • Thank you for taking us.
  • I had lots of fun. 9:30pm is a much better time for bed.

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