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Athletics 2013

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Future Ferns Grade - 2013

The Tinwald School C team enjoying a break between games.

Mid-Canterbury Winter Tournament

Well done to Year 5/6 for another great winter tournament. Unfortunately none of our teams were placed in the top three but we were proud of the great sportsmanship we witnessed during practices and on tournament day.
Thank you to the numerous parents and friends of the school who helped out as managers, coaches, referees and "taxi drivers."
Hockey 3rd=

Rugby A and Rugby B 5th=

Netball A 6th
Soccer 15th
Netball B 16th

Netaball A

Netball B



Rugby A

Rugby B

Canterbury Cross Country

Congratulations to Ben M, Aleesha H-S and Ryan A who competed in the Canterbury Cross Country at Halswell yesterday. The course was wet and muddy making it tough going. All three students did their best and Tinwald School is proud of them. It is a huge achievement to make it that far!

Counties Cross-Country

Twenty-two Tinwald students battled it out at the Ashburton Showgrounds today. They all did their best and Tinwald School is immensely proud of their efforts and achievements. Well done to you all!

Top (official) results:

Ben Middleton 3rd Year 5 Boys

Aleesha Haslemore-Smith 3rd Year 5 Girls

Ryan Allan 2nd Year 6 Boys

Congratulations to the above three students who are eligible to represent Mid-Canterbury at the Canterbury Cross-Country in Christchurch on Wednesday 19th June.

Year 5 Girls: Annya, Aleesha, Marlese, Tamaki (absent- Jahnaka)

Year 5 Boys: Tyler, Alex, Todd, Matthew G (absent- Ben)

Year 6 Girls: Teresa, Abbie, Chloe S, Harriet, Georgia, Penny

Year 6 Boys: Aidan, Callum, James, Ryan, Sam, Jack

Cross-Country Results

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Screen Shot 2013-05-18 at 9.22.45 PM.pngScreen Shot 2013-05-18 at 9.23.00 PM.pngScreen Shot 2013-05-18 at 9.23.15 PM.png

Hutt Syndicate Duathlon

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Year 2 Individual Race:

1st - Jesse Chapman

2nd -Elliott Ward

3rd - Zakary Gliddon

Year 2 Teams Race:

1st - Jared Munn, Leigha Fletcher, Daniel Muir

2nd Equal - Toby Colquhoun, Ford Crawley, Paige Aitken

2nd Equal - Ixzavior Hodges, Hayden Keppel, Ava Sila

Year 1 Teams Race:

1st - Charlie Howden, Zai Biggs, Kohen Holley

2nd - Alex Rasmussen, Elizabeth Gillespie, Shelby Crawley

3rd - Dany Matthews, Charlie Wilson, Jahdel Van leeuwen

Well done to all the Hutt Syndicate children. You all tried your best on the day.

Mid-Canterbury Swimming Sports

Congratulations to Matthew, Todd, Georgia and Sam who represented our school at Tuesday's swimming event at the Ashburton Community Pool.
All four students swam well. Todd finished 3rd in the 9 Year Old Boys Backstroke finals and Georgia finished 4th in the 9 Year Old Girls Backstroke finals.

Mid-Canterbury Triathlon

Well done to Aidan, Todd, Abbie, Chloe and Jahnaka who represented Tinwald School at the Mid-Canterbury Schools Triathlon, held last Friday at Hampstead School.
Competition was fierce but all five students competed well and we are proud of their achievements.

Year 5/6 Cricket

Finals day - Wednesday 27th February

The Tinwald team finished 5th out of 16 teams in the Y5/6 Ashburton Trust Trophy.
At the finals day, they played 3 games of round robin competition against Allenton, Lauriston
and Longbeach. They had one win against Longbeach which put them in the play-off for 5th
and 6th. In this game they played Rakaia. Tinwald batted first and scored 53 runs, Tinwald then
bowled and fielded well and restricted Rakaia to 33 runs. Well done to the team on your result.
Hinds beat Allenton in the final.
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Triathlon 2013
Years 3 -6 Triathlon / Duathlon Results

Year 3-4 Individuals
Year 3-4 Individuals
Year 5-6 Individuals
Year 5-6 Individuals
1st= Jack M 10.00m
Harry S
3rd Cole A
4th Seth H
5th Logan S
6th Jack Jones
1st Maddy L
2nd Maddison T.C.
3rd Mya J
4th Caitlin M
5th Mackenzie H
6th Molly M
1st Ryan A
2nd Aidan A
3rd Todd W
4th Ben M
5th Tyler L
6th Ethan T
1st Aleesha H-S
2nd Abbie W
3rd Chloe S
4th Jasmin S
5th Jahnaka M
6th Krystal B

Year 3-4 Teams
Heat 1
Year 3-4 Teams
Heat 2
Year 5-6 Teams
Heat 1
Year 5-6 Teams
Heat 2
1st Maddison T.C. and Kasey
2nd Finn and Nick
3rd Dillon and Matthew H
1st Cory and Troy
2nd Ryan and Jayden
3rd Amy and Dominic
1st James and Jack
2nd Kurt and Matthew G
3rd Brontson and Alex
1st Hannah and Teresa
2nd Emray and Lucan
3rd Bobby and Connor
Apologies to Matthew S of Room 7 whose name was left out of the triathlon results in the newsletter. Matthew finished 8th in the Year 5-6 Individual Boys race with a time of 21 minutes and 56 seconds.